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Sexual Advice

Adolescence calls for haste. We want everything in no time, heeding our impulses, to quench our thirst for new experiences. Many young couples end up skipping an important part of their relationship and of the adolescent sexuality itself, by rushing things up.

Foreplay is quintessential in building bonds of intimacy. It also integrates the development of the adolescent sexuality. You learn how to set the right mood by touching, kissing, caressing, and then helping the partner to feel comfortable. Kids aren’t sex experts yet; thus playing can help reducing tension and inhibitions, even desire. If both partners reach a good level of arousal, sex will be more pleasant.

Foreplay may allow boys to improve their control over orgasm, preventing premature ejaculations. While engaging in foreplay, a boy keeps focused o­n arousing his partner, therefore making their intercourse last longer. A boy will prevent a fit of premature ejaculation if penetration is dealt casually.

Reducing tension by adding a good level of arousal is intercourse made subtle for girls. Relaxation and excitement, make lubrication easier, prevents pain or discomfort during penetration. Girls tend to take longer than boys to reach total aroused, in the threshold of the adolescent sexuality. Foreplay in general is the best way to reach an orgasm, since it gives enough time to the body to get highly stimulated. For girls, penetration doesn’t provide enough stimulation to reach an orgasm.

Foreplay consists of various techniques, which vary from couple to couple, boiling down to the level of intimacy. It’s up to the kids to decide how far they can go. Foreplay can be just kissing, touching and cuddling or involve mutual masturbation with oral sex. Respect yourself and your partner avoiding meaningless acts for both parties. It’s of hallmark importance in feeling secure about the adolescent sexuality.

Take your time, don’t rush into things, tune in with your partner. In most cases, a good foreplay could be o­ne of the most pleasurable aspects of the adolescent sexuality. If you will, take a shower together, massage o­ne another, gently undress your partner, and give your partner what he/she wants. It’s actually a give and take process.

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