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PMT - Pre-Menstrual Tension syndrome

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Sexual Health
For some girls, all modifications undergone throughout adolescent sexuality may result in a nightmare, during a particular period of the month. The hormones that activate ovulation and consequently menstruation may act upon some girl’s organism, inducing mood swings and sometimes leading to a state of extreme discomfort. This is commonly called Pre-Menstrual Tension syndrome (PMT).

PMT usually starts in and around two weeks before the beginning of the period and ceases with the starting of menstruation itself. During this period, the girl may feel bloated, tired, suffer from headaches, abdominal pain (some cases followed by cramps), breast sensibility, not to mention mood swings, irritability, anxiety, depression and aggression. Evidently these symptoms don’t take place at the same time, but combined and changing from period to period, likewise from girl to girl. PMT also may act upon adolescent sexuality by a decrease in libido.

However, there’s no need to freak out. PMT o­nsets don’t last longer than a few days. It doesn’t represent any health risk, nor to the adolescent sexuality as a whole. There’s no specific treatment for PMT, since it’s not a disease, but a condition caused by hormones. It’s possible to treat some of its symptoms by following basic healthy customs. Along with a balanced diet, take up physical exercises, during the PMT, even better regularly.

Administrating body and mental fatigue is pressure soothing. By using tepid compresses in case of abdominal pain and/or cramps, relieves strain. There are some medicines, which dissipate cramps and discomfort from bloating. Those are not supposed to be taken without medical assessment and in extreme cases o­nly. Otherwise, those medicines can affect your body and the adolescent sexuality development.

A teenage girl is bound to go through mood swings, depression or anxiety. It happens because of the entire hormonal peak her body endures treading o­n the adolescent sexuality. The PMT can exacerbate those symptoms, being essential for girls identify distressful situations. Feelings are boiling in, to suppress them so, self control is needed.

It would be wise for girls dealing with PMT to keep records describing symptoms and their relation with the cycle. That could be a good way to monitor symptoms, and fix treatment.



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