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The importance of size

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Sexual Information
Along the history of humanity men have believed in the necessity of having a big penis to provide pleasure for women and have nice sexual performance. This is o­ne of those taboos that can disturb or make a difference in adolescence. Apparently, to the average man size is really important. Men are always convinced that it would be better if it were just that little bit thick. o­n other hand, pleasure is not proportional to size, if we think of penis as in pleasure object. It doesn’t matter whether it is big or small, since this organ can provide pleasure in the same way.

And men usually forget that doesn't matter how long or short their penises are, since the vagina is so cunningly designed by nature, that it can shape itself up to any penis length or thickness. Most women disregard size. In fact women care more about your performance and with the nice things that you can brag about rather than the size of your penis. Of course, some woman would like to have a big o­ne to play every now and then. It's like those guys that are obsessed with big breasts.

However, we can’t deny the fantasy factor, which is o­ne of the characteristics in sexuality. For all that a big penis can lead folks toward crazy thoughts, and this in turn, brings up the false illusion of the bigger, the better.

The sexuality of an adolescent get influenced by the explicit messages, which consider a long penis superior quality over average size. o­n the contrary, the subliminally message brings up that the not so big penis is incapable to reach prowess. Then, the frustration of men with a not so big penises can be directly associated to advertisement. That is to say, influenced by glossy magazines, by scenes of comedy programs and pornography, in which cast alongside having huge penises are surrounded by foxy women.

The range in size for the vagina is between 3.5’ and 4.6’. So most of penises should fit almost every vagina available. In the adolescence, such dissatisfaction occurs not because of the partner, but because of the desire to obtain a bigger size. If you are really unsatisfied with the size of yours, you should look for an urologist to talk about your anxieties. Nowadays, science reckons that such despairs can interfere in your sexual health and keeps o­n working to overcome it.

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