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The Love Dance

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Sexual Information
Some things are easily done when dealing with sexuality, but quite hard to bring across. In fact, there’s no static position as such in Sex, it’s something quite dynamic, in o­ne word, dance. We are always improving our concentration for the sake of our pleasure.

As previously outlined sex and sexual penetration is like dancing. There are millions of intercourse maneuvers, in which case anyone can do. And yet, some movements may take more than just a simple 'Yes, supposedly I could, demanding perhaps corrections that o­nly your partner would do. Some of them require a slight hip twist or sway. There is no right or wrong, o­nly just a feeling that is good. In this article you will get the facts o­n some basic sex tricks, which o­nly you can improve.

There’s no wicked position that fits all, much as in cookery as in sexuality, everyone has a particular taste. Depending o­n the chemistry of the people involved we can reach different levels of intimacy. Like a bodily puzzle, in which each piece of your body fits easily into place doing their work, that’s how sex falls into something so mobile.

Which doesn’t mean that you need to move your whole body unstoppably, just use your common sense and surrender yourself to all five if not six senses combined.

However, just as some people tired of mother’s cooking and started exotic restaurants to amuse themselves in unexpected ways, so some sought amusement for amusement’s sake in exotic beds.

Two important actors being the tongue and fingers, the first o­ne demands steady consistency, not something as flabby as jelly, it can reach practically all your tegument. Neck and ears are good places to get by towards others less usual.

Fingers already have a decisive role during the spectacle, they will aid the vagina to get moister before penetration and can too be used o­n a man’s anus, some of whom have been admitting that it gives a real pleasure, probably due to the G spot’s localization in men being right inside the rectum.

Never forget the importance of oral sex to further intimacy, at this moment, tongue as much as fingers show what they really know about this issue.

After you use up all your imagination, it’s time for the real thing.

If you are more of a quiet type, you will prefer positions that both lie down lengthwise, touching each others’ bodies, there are several kinds of alignments, facing each other’s or encumbered o­n the same side, as in the spoon position and missionary position, or the rodeo, in which she straddles him either in front of him or gives him her backside.

For the more uninhibited type who instead of the missionary may prefer the roast chicken position, in which a woman lies down likewise the missionary, but with legs wide stretched resting o­n her partner’s shoulders, it’s great fun for its heighten sensations and the degree of fitness involved.

Another men’s preference, by and large, is the woman o­n all fours and man o­n knees doing the doggie style. Generally, women love to “ride the horse” sitting o­n a man’s face and facing a man, while he lies down but helps moving her back and forth as she rubs her clitoris o­n the man’s pelvis.

Finally, there’s no question that most men and women fantasize about oral sex. In reality however, oral sex mainly involves men saying things like "please honey" and begging for sex really isn't much to fantasize about, but a good sense of humor definitely is.


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