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How To Wear Condoms

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Sexual Information
Before talking about how to wear condoms properly, let’s see why we have to use condoms and what they are exactly for.

Condoms are sheaths made of latex, available dry or lubricated. There are distinctive sizes, colors, as well as textures with ribs or bumps, or even flavors. Anything you’d care to imagine. Condoms are essential to a healthy adolescent sexuality, being the most effective method to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and to avoid unintended pregnancy. By collecting the man’s sperm after ejaculation, condoms are a 100% safe method if worn correctly.

There are several adolescent sexuality questions referring to the proper use of condoms. But before you start ripping the package, let’s us talk about storing and handling a condom.

Keep condoms at hand at all times. Haven’t you ever considered going over to your classmate’s for homework doing and o­ne thing led to another because the situation started to get steamy? Rushing out to the drugstore next door in the heat of the moment won’t be the best thing to do. It’s a part of the adolescent sexuality, the commitment of carrying a condom along, regardless whether you’re a boy or a girl. However, the most common places people keep condoms are the less recommendable. Keeping a condom in your back pocket or in your wallet may damage the package, as well as keeping in the glove compartment of a car, for instance. Store your condoms in cool dry places. If you decide to carry condoms along, change it periodically. You’re better off spending a few bucks more rather than wearing a condom that may place your sexuality at risk. And yet remember to check the expiring date of the condom. When o­n the verge of wearing a condom, refrain from rushing things up and open the package carefully in o­ne corner, ever so careful not to tear the condom with your fingernails (don’t you EVER use your teeth).

Now that you’re up in action, it’s time to start wearing such a condom. It’s pointless to wear a condom if your penis isn’t erect, so o­nce you’re ready, place the rolled condom over the tip of your penis, and then squeeze the tip of the condom between your fingers. This tip will act like an empty space to collect semen, and any air bubble left in this space may cause the condom to rip. So, with the other hand, unroll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis. If you’re planning to use some extra lubrication, be sure to using water-based products. Oil-based lubricants or other substances will break the condom. Now you’re finally o­n the go!

But work is not quite done yet. After intercourse, pull it out while your penis is still erect, holding the rim against the base of the penis, prevents semen from spilling out. And then, you can at long last, throw away the condom, wrapping it up.
If a condom breaks while having sex, you should consider getting an emergency contraception (morning after pill). That will ensure tranquility for both you and partner. Remember that morning after pills require medical prescription.

By following these simple procedures you’re dodging STD and unintended pregnancies, to enjoying the adolescent sexuality without further concerns. Hold accountable the condom wear practicing while masturbating, it’s such a sensible way to master the proper use of them.


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