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First Date Tips

Posted by: webmaster2 on Tuesday, November 30, 2004 - 03:12 _PRINTPrinter friendly page  _EMAILFRIENDSend this story to a friend
Sexual Advice
Improve your date skills and make your make a night to remember.

Here’s the deal: you’re a girl and that cute guy has finally asked you out, or if you’re a guy, that hottie is finally glancing at you when a big party is getting near. Even if you consider yourself a beauty contest winner, you would feel a little nervous before some long-awaited date. It’s completely normal, who doesn’t? However, all the anxiety and haste of first date may end up screwing things up, so there’s some basic rules to follow and prevent some date-wrecking. This doesn’t mean that you supposedly pick up your date in a Limo all dressed-up and no place to go, but there are some highlights to aid you. It’s better to be remembered as the kindly-nature and funny guy who took her to place that was fun as opposed to that geek who spent the entire evening chatting over her boobs. This whole ritual of the first date is a very important and most exciting part of the adolescent sexuality experience.

What to wear – be discrete and casual. Don’t try to impress your partner by wearing your entire closet at o­nce, and never try to look too space out. If that person means business interested in you, she won’t enjoy meeting a complete different character. Keep accessories and jewelry at bay, and the same goes for make-up. Prefer clothes not too revealing or insinuating, grabbing however some extra attention to your best features. Be sexy and entice your partner’s curiosity. It’s wise to pick up (or buy) your clothes o­n the day before date. It helps to have time to spare, as you don’t want to be late for this. It’s also a good idea to save a second outfit option for any emergency that might crop up, such as stains or missing buttons.

Establishing Conversation – the word here is “relax” laid back. It’s not easy, that’s for sure, but it’s worth attempting. Keep good eye contact (look hard), which denotes interest. Cruising around may otherwise give the impression of distraction. Stay alert to what your date says by showing some interest in the subject. Take your time- you may ask questions but throw them along, don’t turn your date inquisitive. If answering questions, show that you really have something to say by meaning it, explain your points. A simple “yes” or “no” doesn’t really say much.

Skip Comparisons – NEVER talk about past relationships/night-stands. If you’re planning to embark o­n a new relationship, why would you spend time rambling about previous o­nes? Besides feeling jealous with this kind of conversation there will be o­nly two options left to your date assume what you might be thinking:

1 – You’re still carrying a torch for this old love and I’ll have to compete for your attention, besides being compared with your ex.
2 – You’re just trying to forget him/her and it’s not really interested in her/him.

Party Time – If you choose a date more casually like a dinner party, out for dancing or anything else that doesn’t include just the two of you, you’ll, too, have some important subjects to keep in mind.

Don’t flirt – your date was going well, until this hot stranger started looking over you. Well, you have to focus here... Keep your attention o­n your goal, no matter how hot this new move might be. It may be hard at times but it would be extremely rude with her/him. She/he would feel uncomfortably out of place, turning jealous and so would be your date ruined. o­n top of that- a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Also avoid leaving your future partner alone for long stretches of time, not o­nly because it’s rude, but for you’re obviously giving away to another hot rod take chances snatching him/her.

Avoid Too Much Drinking –, as you’re willing to show nothing but a positive image of yourself, as to what your partner would think of you getting helplessly pissed o­n your very first date? If you don’t feel like dancing naked in front of the entire mob without getting paid for and thus wind up saying something obnoxiously stupid. Wonder how romantic of both would your new-affair think while you’re throwing up.

Provide Relevant Information about the Party – avoid making her/him feeling uncomfortable arriving at a costume ball all dressed up. Tell him/her about the kind of party you’re going to, and who the people attending the party are. Make him/her feel as if part taking meaning that all that you want is him/her totally enjoying it. o­nce there, introduce your new-face to all. Always include him/her in conversations where he may feel left out.

Time to Slow Down – your date is not o­nly going well, but the things are starting to get steamy. We know that at its best, you’re at the peak of your sexuality,so that control your impulses maybe difficult after all... and your hormones. But the point is you have to control yourself. You don’t want to ruin your date by going too fast. Pay heed to body language and try to get just as far as he/she wants you to get, not an inch more. It’s sometimes better to just drop your partner a hint o­n all you can do, and thus render him/her curious over more. And here goes a special tip for the girls: there’s nothing wrong in having sex from day o­ne. It’s absolutely perfect and you’re entitled to, even if apparently some guys out there still think of girls who try them o­n the first date as not good enough to start a proper relationship (shame o­n you guys). o­nce again, pay attention to the body language, so as to think hard before committing yourself.

And finally here - two more important rules:

- DON’T take any decision under influence of someone else.
- And ALWAYS wear condoms, no matter how or who.

Having said that, a simple date may seem rather complicated at first glance, for it implies in so many details. Don’t let that intimidate you as help is at hand. o­nce you feel happy with the outcome, the rest sounds as cliche as in most things that being natural means being yourself. Enjoy your adolescent sexuality fully with someone who praises efforts.


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