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Sexual Deviations

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Sexual Information

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

Sexual deviations also as known as paraphilias can be found in every corner of the planet. Our perceptions of it may vary accordingly to cultural background. It means that something regarded as deviation by some might otherwise be viewed as regular and normal, thus feedback matching the surroundings and cultural aspects of so many others. Maybe some of such deviations there unconsciously exist dormant inside each o­ne of us, undermined by our ego’s defense mechanism.

Many of which might be ego suppressed and thus revealing their true colors o­nly under the guise of sexual fantasies. An individual’s lust and attraction as sexual deviations gets directed towards objects as well as unorthodox behavioral, which ends up being labeled as sexual perversion within a particular culture. Most often than not this individual holds acting as the main and foremost source of pleasure, which denotes degeneration of the defense mechanism and liability to psychotherapeutic treatment. Both genders are prone to this type of fixation, so much so as becoming compulsively acting individuals.

The exhibitionism for instance is such a compulsive obsession for showing genitals or inviting strangers for sexual intercourse, of which acting routinely almost always at the same location. This practice seemingly more popular amongst men, as women adepts are nevertheless in small scale. As its main characteristic entails the absence of physical contact, showing off therefore epitomizes sexual pleasure. When being watched and realizing it, some women subtly allow o­nlookers to visually access their best (hidden) body parts (buttocks, thighs, breasts and even privates), inasmuch as deriving copiously sexually charged arousal without connoting sexual deviation.

By the same token Voyeurism or Mixoscopy translates the act of delightfully witnessing someone you hold dearly having it off with a total stranger. Since held in high regards by the male contingent, if such is rendered the o­nly source of sexual gratification, hence becomes deviation. At its best couples by swapping partners interact with each others aiming mutual satisfaction, at its worst men offer their best halves to happy go lucky characters in order to attain self-satisfaction while watching their loved o­nes at it. I must reiterate that there exists deviation o­nly when this practice turns almost exclusively, otherwise we’d be all tagged as mentally ill. Haven’t any of yours by any chance ever felt aroused peeping through the key hole or watching out of your window view that couple having it off with windows left open?

We could refer as deviation regarding cultural background to Pedophilia, a dreadful sexual attraction for children in all senses that is. Despite the efforts of the international community in fighting it, it’s yet common practice in places like Central Australia (going down under?), India and New Guinea. Also Bestiality or Zooerasty referred as attraction by and sexual relation with animals is as healthy a practice as regular for some peoples.

There are just as many other classified deviations, for some imply in unlawfully crime. Fines and punishments are, at times, applied o­n individuals in need of concomitantly psychotherapeutic treatment. Take a peek of your best-sex view but don’t forget to ask permission beforehand.


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