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Child's Sexuality

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Sexual Information

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

The claims that sexuality might be nonexistent leading to adolescence gives raise to concern.

A grew of pundits carried out the threat of dismissing claims on teen’s sexuality. This time around with no acknowledged aid from sexually alikeadolescents. There was nothing on the way of sexuality and teenagers as we know of.

If a child runs this question by you “how was I born”, what would it be the answer? When researching for a seminar on teenager’s sexuality subjects some answers for this question were found, which suffered sexual alterations as time went by. Here there are:

The thirties’- rural phase- “you were born in the orchard inside a cabbage.
The forties’ and fifties’- animal phase- “you arrived on a white stork’s bill”.
The sixties’- romantic phase- “you spawn from the love of mom and daddy”.
The seventies’- technical phase- “daddy left a tiny seed inside mother’s”.
The eighties’- scientific phase- “daddy’s sperm has fecundated mom’s ovule”.
The nineties’- “you came out of daddy and mom’s love making”.

These sexual responses came out on a glossy magazine on adolescent’s sexuality. There all would somehow answer the initial question besides reflecting each era’s sexuality pattern.

Currently, I can assure that children no longer believe that they come out of a cabbage or on a stork’s, although some parents still prefer to answer this way. It reflects all cultural evolution of humanity. As time goes by, sexuality embedded information broadcast by mass media have literally let down many adults. Not withstanding, adults in their vast majority have difficulty in talking about this subject, many times reflecting their own difficulty in handling own sexuality, due to social-cultural influences undergone.

Sexuality truly begins in early infancy. The simple fact of breast feeding a baby provides an extremely pleasant sexual experience. In surfeiting her baby’s hunger a pleasure relation gets established, whether mother’s or surrogate’s sexual pleasure who feeds and derives pleasure from body contact, while stroking and talking to the child. It establishes a sexual climax in the fusion and thoroughness between mother and child. It’s impossible for the baby to make out hunger suppress from sexual satisfaction, although both coexist in this period.

Today’s children live in a world where fashion, TV programs, and the internet, all of which exude sexuality. Let’s not forget school environment and friends who might talk about sex in inappropriate manner. A child may learn, for example that sex is somewhat dirty and sinful, full of taboos and preconceived ideas. I recently watched a father saying on TV that when kids are born manuals are not included, that raising kids is big responsibility that scares the wits out of you. Too true, but mistakes might happen and can be fixed.

Remember that education starts at home, in the family matter, and for all that, takes sexual education included.

Back to the razzmatazz telling how a child is born with no backlashes. A rule of the thumb is never lie about; another is to tell the plain truth. There is no need to describe details of your sexual relation in full in order to clarify doubts.

Take your time. Always employ simple clues, as accurate as reliable. Bear in mind that new questions will crop up.


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