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Boys Puberty

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Sexual Information
Boys face physical alterations undergone during puberty, just the same way girls do. Boys’ puberty consists of a physical and psychological growth unfolding the adolescent sexuality.

In boys puberty gets a later call as opposed to girls (from 11 to 14 averages). It’s a time when kids endure a growth spurt of the adolescent sexuality. Whilst girls start building up fat tissue and adopting a curvy figure, boys’ bone structure starts gaining density and muscles developing strength therefore chest and shoulders get broader.

The most evident sign of puberty for boys is the growth of facial hair. It starts as bristle o­n the upper lip and chin, lately developing into beard, so much for the cosmetic industry. Hair also appears in the armpits, legs, and pubic area and in some cases, chest, which is determined by the individual’s genetic make over.

Along with hair growth, the skin glands become more active to secrete oil, causing acne. Acne can be treated with regular face wash to remove excess oil.

The voice also changes pitch, singular to grown men. It occurs as the voice box develops the Adam’s apple. Sometimes this voice alteration takes months or possibly even overnight. Often developing boys have voice cracks during this period.

The most noteworthy change in adolescent sexuality comes from the genital enlargement. The penis and testes become sexually functional and boys start to get erections, at times for no reason. However awkward, erection seems elusive to others. Thanks to sexual hormones, genital development results in sperm production. It enables boys to ejaculate. Most boys experience their first ejaculation during sleep, which is called nocturnal emissions (wet dreams). In the adolescent sexuality threshold some kids start to ejaculate while masturbating, others in nocturnal emissions.

Puberty reaches its peak with sexual drive and attraction for the opposite gender. All that body alteration in the adolescent sexuality makes a healthy transition to adulthood.

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