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Girl Puberty

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Sexual Information

For both genders, puberty means an intense transitional period of the adolescent sexuality. It’s Mother Nature chiseling our bodies with remarkable alterations dictated by hormones.

Puberty for girls comes quickly (from 9 to 13 usually), however each girl has her own stride. So generally, girls are maturer, since growing at a faster rate than boys grow. But boys eventually catch up with. During puberty we naturally feel uncomfortable and clumsy with looks. Arms, feet and legs grow faster and body starts developing a curvy figure, generated by fat tissue building up o­n the hips, buttocks, legs and breasts. So much for genetics. Hair starts to grow in the armpits, legs, and especially o­n the pubic area. The most important change to take place during puberty, however, is the menarche.

Menarche means the first time girls have their period. Which is preceded in most cases by vaginal discharge, a milklike or transparent flowing that occurs weeks or even months before menstruation itself. The beginning of such a flowing indicates that a girl’s body is getting ready for the first menstruation. This flowing may occur later in life, in between periods. As long as not excessive this is completely acceptable. Menarche and the development of breasts are cornerstone of the biological threshold in the adolescent sexuality.

Physical alterations can wreck havoc in a girl’s self esteem. To cope with the biological demand without emotional tantrums, many seek comfort in isolation. The adolescent sexuality is a refuge to those whose sexuality remains latent. It shows you when to take it with a pinch of salt.

Apart from physical changes, a girl pulls through stark emotional contrasts as in psychological adaptations, in mould character and face new challenges. Feeling unconnected with family, friends, society and even with your own body, a girl perceives herself differently, confused, anxious, or even depressed.

It all falls into place when adolescent sexuality blossoms. Girls start weighing opinions. They get moved by the looks, blind by fashion. The impressions they will pass o­n to the world and similar issues become recurrent. Adolescent sexuality is as perplexing and exciting as life itself.

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