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Discovering Sex

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Sexual Information

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

As far as certain people concern, mostly of the feminine sex, and especially those currently in their fifths or sixths decade of life, sexuality-linked matters had always been treated superficially in youth, so taboo-ridden and surrounded by misconceptions.

Knowledge regarding sexuality would often be revealed shortly prior marriage and somehow, not rare, not so enlightening, for all that, this wasn’t a subject openly discussed everywhere let alone by the mass media.

For most would be down to the groom the duty of acquainting his wife in the art of sex, which in turn would be linked to more or less knowledge and practice about it. Given his experience as bachelor, most of the time acquired at houses of ill repute along with women of ill repute in society.

Most men, as holding it dearly, would never allow themselves to teach their wives all of which sexually linked practices implemented and learnt by them along with the ladies of pleasure. Once such sex-linked practices used to be deemed as indecorous for a serious woman, as of good reputation and likely to become the would-be-mother of his offspring.

A quite usual conflict at the time. There would render sex a duty between the couple as repetitive as obnoxious, with no great deal of variations.

Hence, it’s not surprisingly that today yet, certain women practice sex with their partners in somewhat orthodox and traditional a way still, with a limited range of variations, holding vaginal penetration as the only conceivable alternative.

Currently, sex is no longer a taboo issue, being viewed as something normal in people’s daily lives, homebound, at schools, mass media, and among friends.

An openness that poised many women to find out features, which often there wouldn’t believed possible to exist. Once upon a consultation, routinely, a 53 years old lady told me that she was once with friends who, in turn, would be talking about oral sex and anal sex and how nice as practices there were.

She, in a mix of surprise and curiosity, asked whether such deeds would really exist and by showing certain indignation, asked herself where she has been all these years for not knowing such practices. Sex with her hubby was good, but only with vaginal penetration and there was clear intention of experimenting these novelties.

After guiding her on each variation, I address to her that the first measure to be taken would be a conversation with her hubby in that explaining that she heard of such practices through chitchats with her mates and would love to experiment.

In the following visits, she got off her chest that her conjugal life showed significant changes after having those new sexual variations put in practice. So much on the affective viewpoint as sexual, rendering the couple rather accomplice of each other and further in love, by therefore giving a new dimension and perspective to their lives and ultimately breaking a life routine of over thirty years.

That is just one of many examples worth mentioning of a lax sexual background of the past rebounding on modern-today. Surely, for those open-minded who do their best in order to evolve over along with society through thoughts and attitudes, it’s never too late for finding out and mastering new approaches, which might turn out to be highly gratifying.


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