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Sexual Advice

New times roll, prejudice whether ethnical, cultural or sexual is somewhat passé. You won’t find a single person who shares the same genetic make over, thoughts, and feelings of another individual. In fact, every individual is a unique biological enterprise. Presumably, human rights should entitle us to equity without unflinching positions o­n sexual orientation. o­n the contrary, individuals aren’t eligible to choose their sexual preferences; it’s something that outwits our willingness.

If you have anything to do with choice making during the adolescent sexuality period, don’t be carried away. At some point almost every boy and girl experiences some sort of attraction for peers of the same gender. If it ever happens to you, relax and listen to your heart. Don’t simply hail your inner feelings, you’d better share your qualms with folks you care for can really lean o­n. . Being sexually mature doesn’t mean having to change gender.

Whenever you feel an urge for disclosure of your status, hold your cards close to your chest. If straightforward approach doesn’t bring reassurance throw it over your shoulder. If you decide to go down this avenue, wise up and make allowances. Prejudice lurks just around the corner.

The angle you look upon the world is irrelevant; all that counts is your well being. To harmoniously integrate your inner self with your persona takes a great deal of cunning and self-determination.

The adolescent sexuality is such a big deal to be left alone. Our world remains stubborn to accept new resolutions. By going mainstream we shouldn’t overlook prejudice, which is oblivious to personal decisions and equality.

The establishment bias curb all that it doesn’t fully understand or admit, through prejudice bigotry achieves its objectives.

Prejudice has no place in the Adolescent Sexuality, which is the perfect setting for the freedom of choice.



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