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Boys losing virginity

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Sexual Advice

For many years, young lads could o­nly get their first experiences at a cathouse, or with the housemaid. They were experiencing for the very first time the sight of a naked woman. You can figure out the trauma this situation would lead someone inexperienced, specially the shy o­nes. There wasn’t any romantic ambience, any taking time, just pure hormone discharge. However, if a guy didn’t get a hard o­n, it would be such a terrible experience!

In this century, young men decide whom they want to lose their virginity with. What’s more, it usually gets done with a girlfriend. This way may well be the first time for the two of you. You’re bound to feel more comfortable with your partner, since no strangers to each other. Having similar ages leads to discover the sex mysteries together. Apparently, information is easier for boys to get hold off. Close friends are always at hand to shed light o­n your doubts, elder brothers and young relatives also offer a good source of hearsay information for those who stumble over the words. Parents can be somewhat reclusive in dealing with this subject, by doing so, mislead their kids and reticence results. The absence of dialog leads to pornography, thus misconceived ideas.

By the way, who is going to help you with your sexual fears remains irrelevant, as long as the chosen person is someone you really trust. Nowadays, mothers do a pretty good job, clarifying sex topics, since modern women play both father and mother roles.

If you feel ready for it, be casual about it, don’t let pressure take over your senses, so undermining your will. It’s your own business, after all. You’re entitled to know about everything in life. If you are still virgin, be cool about it. Everyone can have his or her own secrets; intimacy is something that deserves respect. Be out and about. See and be seen. Let the others think what they like, it’s a free world and you own it.

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