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Over the Top

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Sexual Information

By Anne Griza

The sensuality in the females might be quite subtle and sensing it might differ from person to person. Seemingly certain women could be turned into goddesses by some men in particular while regarded as quite average by others. Feeling sexy then would be a matter of beauty, posture and being aware of how your good traits could be brought out in your favor.

Nevertheless, most people don’t even know how sexuality could be set apart from vulgarity. Needless pulling faces as it were or wearing see-through clothing, let alone relying on fowl language and lewd acts for a woman to become sexy. As a matter of fact, the men in their vast majority cannot stand this kind of women, no matter how liberal and proactive they might be.

Every time the women try to come out sexier than they really are or claimed, they would be going down hill roughly speaking, wherein they could get turned down by those males who’d expect more from a relationship and might stand a great chance of attracting only the rough ones. This statement might sound macho-orientated, but the truth is that nobody likes to keep up with someone who’d be always willing to show off.

Insecurity, the stigma from leaving a bad impression and the grief over the partner behaving this way, would have most males given up on such a relationship in which the woman tries to act out as the female fatale. What’s more, this kind of women is bound to steam over other males or become easily approached. None of it would be healthy relationship wise. Otherwise some of them might not be all that, mainly between walls. All of which could be misleading and might get revealed anytime, rebounding on the affairs and self-esteem of these women. And speaking of which, what’s tried to neglect by most of them is the low regard that they have for themselves. If their acting keeps carried on like that there could be repercussions, in which point challenged constantly over their views.

Nobody would look sexy twenty-four hrs a day though. And sexiness shall not be allowed in every daily situation. Being sexy means more than wiggling the ass, wearing puny outfit or anything like it and the in betweens. Being sexy follows no guidelines or an overall pattern either, being dictated by the person’s frame of mind. Never mind the women airing their vows, the point we’re trying to bring across is that going overboard may not be necessary, since we all have traits in particular which could please someone at some point.

Besides, not only the women tend to go over the top. There’d be always males trying to prove how much the others would get impressed by them. And they too, in their attempt, will end up by going overboard. Not so many women out there would put up with such an odd ball, which could suddenly go for someone else. So far neither overboard nor low profile would be the case. Striking balance is always the best, mainly when it comes to relationships. So the outcome of every affair will be what our personal traits would play upon. And because of that, the more casual the people can be, don’t sweat the small stuff, the happier their relationships would become.


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