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Date: Dec 19, 2005 - 06:00 AM

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

The ceaseless quest for pleasure is something that should be induced ever; for all that pleasure is such unique sensation of well-being mentally and physically, mostly regarding sex.

Unfortunately not everyone manages to relish in its totality and plentifully all that a sexual relation is capable of providing, mainly when it comes down to adolescence.

In adolescence, unlikely what many hold dear, things aren't as easy as they may seem. Despite the hormones being in ebullition and the eagerness to sample new emotions, an adolescent's life is far from being a sea of roses. It is relatively common, adolescents still in their first sexual experiences complaining about difficulty in making out. Common ground shares accounts on pain at penetration time, difficulty in lubrication and absence of orgasm.

As far as sex concerns, petty restrictions may bring about certain frustrations to the adolescent. Predicaments as the lack of own vehicle for locomotion, cash thin on the ground and inexperience usually bring about certain hiccups to these youth eager to live up and take the most out of what life can provide them. The fact of neither owing a vehicle nor having a driver's license prompt the adolescent couple to initiate their relations homebound, with little if none privacy.

More often than not such relations need to be hurried up by fear of being disclosed. Even those families more liberal, who allow the relationship of their sons at home, many adolescents feel constrain and inhibited by the very presence of relatives whenever around. Such inhibition may interfere in arousal leading to a dysfunction of orgasm by the degree of tension created.

A common-guard fact, reported by adolescents, it is the hardship and the nescience of orgasm. Many complain of not feeling anything unusual, despite the relation being described as highly satisfactory. The incertitude of own physical attributes aggravates even further the situation. Most young girls are not aware of which spots or zones of their bodies would cause sensation of pleasure, thereby are criticized by their boyfriends "more experienced" who say that they don't feel anything, rendering them feeling even worst.

Usually I say to these young girls that sex is continuous an apprentice. By guiding towards seeking self-awareness physically, whether through masturbation direct or even through touch on diverse areas of the body searching for pleasurable sensations on which point will appear.

Only by getting to know the areas that would yield pleasure most would she be able to teach and direct her partner as to how intensify caress on some such referred areas hence pleasure inducing.

Above all, I attempt to tranquilize these girls by saying that sex is time-consuming apprentice, dialogue, privacy and dedication. After all, how to obtain pleasure out of a relation if instead of yield in ultimately, one remains thinking about the math's test of morning next? Sex means total relinquish, should be done with responsibility and respect.

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